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As many of you already know, there will be a Fairness Hearing at 9:00 am on March 26th at the Monmouth County Courthouse for the court to consider approval of the proposed settlement agreements reached by the Borough of Rumson with Fair Share Housing Center and Yellow Brook Property Co, LLC.

At the Fairness Hearing, the court will decide whether the settlement agreements are fair and reasonable to low and moderate income households and will evaluate whether the proposed housing plans create a realistic opportunity for the creation of affordable housing in Rumson.

The court may also take into account whether the planned developments are suitable for the proposed sites, and might consider environmental conditions, title issues, development restrictions or other substantial planning concerns, including for example, availability of sewer and water service, inconsistency or incompatibility with surrounding uses, consistency with the Fair Housing Act and COAH regulations, or other considerations.

The Fairness Hearing is also an opportunity for concerned residents to get together and voice their objections to the settlement agreements. One way to accomplish this is by sending an Objection Letter to the court in advance of the Fairness Hearing. The Objection Letter simply states:

  1. ·         Your name

  2. ·         That you are a Rumson resident

  3. ·         That you object to the approval of the settlement agreements

  4. ·         Reasons why you object to the settlement agreements

For your convenience, you can download an Objection Letter template, as well as download instructions for completing the template.

The court has set a March 5th deadline for the filing of any written objections. In order to be considered, all Objection Letters must be received by the court no later than Thursday, March 5th.

We all have a stake in how the development of our town is managed, zoned and developed. We need to let the decision makers know that we stand together in demanding a seat at the table. We cannot afford to sit idly by and allow the development of our town to be dictated by developers acting in their own self-interest. The time has come to turn the frustration so many of us felt that evening in the Forrestdale gym into action. Please consider taking a moment to send an Objection Letter to the court and ensure that our voices are heard.

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