Affordable Housing

Rumson Open Space and Affordable Housing, Inc

ROSAH was formed to support affordable housing in the town of Rumson, NJ and to align with other affordable housing groups throughout New Jersey. ROSAH supports:

  • The development, financing and construction of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for low income persons and families

  • Affordable housing for the elderly, physically handicapped, and intellectually handicapped where appropriate

Rumson Open Space and Affordable Housing, Inc

ROSAH supports affordable housing by:

  • Acting as a resource and educating the public in matters that relate to affordable housing

  • Increasing awareness about affordable housing in Rumson and throughout New Jersey

  • Advocating on behalf of affordable housing and interfacing with municipalities in order to help them achieve and maintain compliance with their affordable housing obligations

  • Identifying appropriate affordable housing opportunities

  • Purchasing property to convert to affordable housing

  • Engaging in initiatives and collaborations with Rumson borough, other municipalities, and affordable housing stakeholders to meet affordable housing obligations

  • Working with municipalities, governments, for-profit entities, and not-for-profit entities to construct and manage affordable housing 

  • Acting as a resource to municipalities in matters that relate to affordable housing

We believe the residents of towns deserve to have their voices heard and are entitled to fair notice and self determination to develop responsible and fair affordable housing plans.

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