Rumson Open Space and Affordable Housing, Inc

ROSAH was formed to support the development, financing, construction and public support of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for low income persons and families (including the elderly, physically handicapped and intellectually handicapped, where appropriate) in the State of New Jersey, while preserving a permanent legacy of historical buildings, open space, the environment and natural habitat, and respecting the real property rights of taxpayers and affected residents.

ROSAH was established to advocate for and assist in realistic solutions for creating affordable housing in Rumson and beyond.


Position on Affordable Housing Plan Settlement Agreements


ROSAH has serious concerns over the existing plan as proposed by the Borough of Rumson, and would like to work with the Borough in creating an affordable housing plan that provides a realistic opportunity to build much-needed affordable housing in Rumson both now and in the next round of affordable housing compliance. ROSAH believes that the settlement agreements do not create a realistic opportunity for affordable housing in Rumson, nor do they represent a solution that is based on sound planning principles.  It is ROSAH’s strong belief that, to satisfy Rumson’s affordable housing obligation, better solutions exist, including decreased densities and increased percentages of affordable housing within luxury  developments, and these solutions should be the subject of on-going public conversations, rather than further mediated settlements. 

To this end, ROSAH urges the Borough of Rumson to form an Affordable Housing Committee with Rumson residents as members, and to establish regular and transparent communication to the public on issues of affordable housing now and in the future.  We stand ready to work with our community to make sure we provide fair, appropriate, and accessible housing for all in Rumson.

Volunteers on Construction Site

We believe the residents of towns should have a seat at the table in transparent, open meetings with reasonable notice to develop and support affordable housing, open spaces, the environment and the rights of property owners.


Our Mission

To build a grassroots community that advocates for and financially supports affordable housing in Rumson and other New Jersey municipalities, while protecting the environment and open spaces, respecting historic structures and respecting the rights of property owners and affected residents.

Our Vision

To satisfy the need for affordable housing in Rumson and throughout New Jersey, while building alliances with citizens, policy makers, town officials and other stakeholders. 

Board Members

Allen Berman
Jon Blatt
Kris Bunnell
Carolyn DeSena
Kerry Devine
Tom Fuschetti
Maureen Holahan-Saling
Stavros Memtsoudis
Mike Timpone