Rumson Open Space and Affordable Housing, Inc
Rumson Open Space and Affordable Housing, Inc

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Dear Members and Friends:


As you have undoubtedly heard, the Judge in the Fairness Hearing found that the settlement agreements reached between the Borough of Rumson and Fair Share Housing and between the Borough of Rumson and Yellow Brook were, in the aggregate, fair to low and moderate income families (the only question before the court).  While we at ROSAH disagree on many levels as to the fairness of the settlement agreements, it is not our decision to make and we accept the court’s decision. 


While in this instance the system failed us and unjustly enriched one builder at the expense of the Borough of Rumson and low and moderate income families, it is up to us, the members of ROSAH and the residents of Rumson to ensure this never happens again.  To that end, going forward ROSAH will turn all of its efforts to working with the town (through the affordable housing committee), legitimate affordable housing advocates, dedicated affordable housing developers and the residents of Rumson to ensure that affordable housing is built in Rumson in a responsible and transparent manner ensuring the public is informed throughout the process as we work to satisfy our affordable housing commitments.


 We look forward to working with all parties genuinely interested in solving the need for affordable housing in Rumson.

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